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At Pro Adjuster Chiropractic we "care" for you, not "treat" your concerns.  When you treat you mask the issue like an aspirin to a headache.  The headache is not due to lack of aspirin or tylenol in your body, a blood pressure pill brings down your blood pressure but does not get rid of the reason you have high blood pressure.  It is due to something else not working properly.  When we care for you our goal is to get your body to work at as close to 100% as possible so it can heal itself most efficiently.  Just a reminder, the body does the healing "ALL DOCTORS" are  just  facilitators. 

We use the most advanced computerized adjusting instrument in existence.  The Pro Adjuster / Ultralign is extremely specific and 100 percent objective.  There is no guesswork here.  We also use digital x-ray.  We care for a long list of Neuromuscular issues from common spinal misalignments, neck and low back,  sciatica and other radicular issues.  Migraines, shoulder, hip, knee, & lower leg pain. The list goes on.  Regardless of the incident or lack of one that can be found we will work with just about all payment sources from self pay to payment plans, health insurance, medicare and medicaid, personal injury, auto and workers comp claims.  Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to get the care that you deserve.

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Dr. Scott Petrallo

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